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We ride, we build our own stuff, we test how it rides, we fix problems, we go back to riding, it warms up, we go skate and surf, build more boards, it gets cold again-We Ride. We keep it simple; we use only the BEST materials from local or North American suppliers for all of our snowboard, skateboard and branded softgoods.

Our Virginia factory produces all of our own boards and we even screen print and embroider our own shirts, hoodys, caps, beanies and other technical wear. OSB is owned and operated by dedicated board riders and we are the premiere standout of only a handful of small snowboard manufacturers even left in the USA. That's right, only a small trickle of the snowboards ridden in the USA (or the world) are actually fabricated by people who ride and understand how a snowboard works! The big corporate snowboard companies probably lose more boards by accident off the barge from china than we actually produce in a year, but that's cool with us; OSB boards never have to clear US customs!

We know that our customers appreciate that every one of our boards is precisley hand-crafted by a rider who knows what makes a great board tick! Our boards also carry a 1 year warranty and we can fix most anything you can do to it. The best USA ingredients, combined with expert design honed by years of rider-based R&D feedback and fine craftsmanship are the trademarks of all One Step Beyond Snowboards.
We don't issue stock options to shareholders with our type of core business, and anyway, we think our real "share-holders" (our customers!) would rather have us in a “boardroom” that actually produces fine snow/skateboards; not just hype. Since we don't pay for hype with lots of magazine ads and for pampered pro riders to fly around the frozen world (hell no, we'd rather go ourselves!); instead, we support the grassroots contests at local ski resorts and sponsor the local core riders who dig the hits, keep your park handrails set up and your chairlifts running. Since they spend everyday on the hill in every kind of conditions, we get some of our best rider based R&D feedback from these guys.

This way, OSB can make the highest quality boards here in the USA, but can still offer them at significantly lower prices ( typically $100 clams less) than the (cough, cough) so called "premium" boards that the big companies have made for them over in Asia. Why don't we follow their normal "Greedy" model of buy low and sell high? Because the customer gets robbed, and we've been that poor, broke-ass rider who's working hard just to get their season lift pass! Our customer loyalty has kept us around for over 10 years now through thick and thin, so we're sticking with it! Like our name says: we go that one step beyond your expectation.

OSB - Solid to the Core!

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