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All OSB snowboards utilize sturdy "Side-Wall" construction, which can take the abuse often found lurking in the backcountry or the Park; like lightly dusted rocks, submerged stumps, handrail edges and funbox corners (and the occasional angry Sasquatch). OSB's light-weight, slightly directional board shapes have a generous scooped tip and tail for floating on top of the lard in the early and spring seasons, as well as flowing through fresh powder. All our shapes have a pulled in waist width for quick edge control during "Park" (rails, boxes, etc,) or technical riding (hits, tree runs, etc.). The super snappy, flex pattern (medium stiffness- so as to make an extremely fast, torsionally stiff, forgiving board) has a slightly "Surfy" feel as you flow smoothly from turn to turn, and is a firm stable launch pad for that section of cliff band you've been eyeing up since last season.

Around here, we like to keep it simple; we use only the BEST materials from local or North American suppliers for all of our snowboard components including: epoxy resin, tri-axial fiberglass/carbon cloth, super-fast "DuraJet" sintered bases and full wrap-steel edges (Rockwell-48 hardened) from the Mid-West heartland, vertically laminated Aspen cores, non-spin stainless steel inserts, and impact resistant top-sheets from the left coast. Add to this mix our inspired graphics (with custom board graphics and embossing available) and the dedicated work ethic of the right coast and you get the best custom ride available anywhere. OSB boards range in length from 147cm, 153cm, 157cm, 159cm, and 164cm models. You can find OSB snowboards in the finest of local shops scattered around the US or you can order your own plank directly from our VA factory or at the Online Store section of the website. Most models carry a suggested retail price ranging from $349.99 to $359.99.

All OSB skatedecks are made with only the BEST materials from local or North American suppliers. Our shapes are super-light for flipping or carving and are built as tough as they come. We use crazy-crazy strong glue and 7 layers of the finest GRADE A- 100% CANADIAN HARD-ROCK MAPLE WOOD for all of our decks. All decks are completely color stained (to still give the board color, even after you've rail grinded the graphic off) and then we dye-sublimate or custom hand screen our original graphics to the bottom of the deck.

We get our wood just across the line in North Carolina and here's what our suppliers have to say about it: "Over the years many companies have tried to find a way to build a cheaper skateboard. Often turning to inferior materials such as Chinese maple*, in hopes of lowering their price points, the only success they have had is in manufacturing an inferior skate deck."
While other companies try sandwiching cheaper and softer Chinese Maple* laminates in their decks, rest assured that we will never drop down to this despicable practice. All our decks are made from 100% Canadian Hard-Rock Maple by a skater owned and operated company with over a decade of wood manufacturing experience.

* Here is a quote from Transworld Skateboarding on characteristics of Chinese Maple : "U.S. veneer suppliers are concerned about Chinese maple coming ashore. "The quality of that maple is much lower than North American maple," says a spokesperson for one of the largest maple- veneer suppliers to the skateboard industry. "That's what we've been told by manufacturers that have used it. Our concern is mainly for the end consumer, in that if Chinese maple really does produce an inferior product, then the end consumer might get discouraged by a product they're paying premium dollars for, but offers only subpar performance."